Image credit: Agata Krajewka


Sally Walker Gallery


18th October - 8th November



EXPOSURE is a print and online platform showcasing the latest in Australian contemporary photography. Contributors are selected to highlight the most innovative, exciting and sophisticated student photography emerging from within Australian Universities. Emphasis is on risk-taking and experimentation.

Anne Scott Wilson (Artist and University Lecturer at Deakin)

Kate Robertson (Artist and University Lecturer at RMIT)

Lisa Sullivan (Curator at Geelong Gallery) 

Elias Redstone (Independent Curator, Writer and Editor) 

Kiah Pullens (VCA), WOW, 2017. 

2nd: $250 

Melissa Smith (Deakin University), BAFFLED, 2017.

3rd: $100

Shannon Steuer (RMIT), Interconnection, 2017.

Highly Commended:

James Bugg (Photography Studies College), Steve, 2016.

Sam Forsyth-Gray (Photography Studies College), untitled #2, 2017. 

1st Prize: $500

WOW, Woman of the west is a series of silver gelatine prints which explore he ideas of loss, absence and memory. I am interested in how much visual imagery humans are exposed to and how we prices images of the past. Our society has gained a digital dependance which has lead to a corroding human memory. Through the use of public archive imagery, I put my photographs through an extensive process, photographing and rephotographing and again. In doing so information and the truth of the image is lost through the act of photographing. This results in a haunting faceless past. 


We have received lots of outstanding submissions making this a rich and competitive round. It was not easy for the judges to make a decision. However, upon careful consideration they have settled on the following 15 finalists, representing seven different Universities, from all across Australia.


Finalists for the EXPOSURE Showcase and Juried Prize are as follows: 


Alicia Dickson (Deakin University)

Amynoel Van Eymeren (Australian Catholic University)

Alex Walker (VCA)

James Bugg (Photography Studies College)

James Lawson (Deakin University)

Jarred Mullenger (Photography Studies College)

Jason Smith (Deakin University)

Joseph Haxan (University of South Australia)

Joshua Thomas (Charles Sturt University)

Kiah Pullens (VCA)

Melissa Smith (Deakin University)

Patrick Riley (RMIT)

Rodeen Malek (Deakin University)

Sam Forsyth Gray (Photography Studies College)

Shannon Steuer (RMIT)


* All personal information provided is accurate

* Copyrights of submitted images belong to the photographer.

* Selected photographers authorize EXPOSURE to make promotional use of all digital files retained in sole purpose of highlighting the work.

* EXPOSURE reserves the right to not exhibit work. 

* Works chosen for the exhibition will be selected by the Judge from jpegs submitted with the entry. If the judge is unavailable for pre-selection due to unforeseen circumstances, an independent panel will be convened. 

*Entrants certify that they have received in written form appropriate release from all models and persons featured in the work they enter regarding possible commercial uses. 

*All finalists are to provide their own unframed prints for exhibition.