22nd NOV - 7th DEC   

        ACU GALLERY        


Cecilia Baker (RMIT) 

Walter Bakowski (Photography Studies College) 

Jesse Boyd (VCA) 

Kiah Pullens (VCA) 

Sam Forsyth-Gray (Photography Studies College) 

Lucy Foster (VCA) 

Liam Hall-Emms (Deakin) 

Sally Kaack (Photography Studies College) 

Minsung Kim (Deakin) 

Masooma Hussaini (Queensland College of Art) 

Madeleine Sherburn (Photography Studies College) 

Eden Row (RMIT) 

Geraldine Smith (Monash) 

Rosa Spring Voss (Photographic Imaging College) 

Kwan Toh (Deakin) 

Yunhua Zhang (RMIT) 


Pippa Milne: Senior Curator at Monash Gallery of Art


Claire Lambe: Artist and University Lecturer


1st Prize: Min Sung Kim $500
2nd Prize: Kiah Pullens $200
3rd Prize: Yunhua Zhang $150


* All personal information provided is accurate

* Copyrights of submitted images belong to the photographer.

* Finalist photographers authorize EXPOSURE to make promotional use of all digital files retained in sole purpose of highlighting the work.

* EXPOSURE reserves the right to not exhibit work. 

* Works chosen for the exhibition will be selected by the Judge from jpegs submitted with the entry. If the judge is unavailable for pre-selection due to unforeseen circumstances, an independent panel will be convened. 

*Entrants certify that they have received in written form appropriate release from all models and persons featured in the work they enter regarding possible commercial uses. 

*All finalists are to provide their own unframed prints for exhibition. 

Image by Celeste Larkins